Ruby Boîte

Specialist, Workplace Culture

Don’t let those rosy cheeks fool you, Ruby has more than 30 years of experience partnering with high-trust, high-performing workplaces in more than 40 countries.


Never one to be put inside a box, Ruby’s resumé features organizations from most major industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, consumer packaged goods, finance, technology, retail, hospitality and many others.


The sectors might vary, but one thing’s for sure – the cubicle life just isn’t for Ruby. Not only is she always on the lookout for incredible workplace culture, but she’s also passionate about working for inspirational leaders who embrace team spirit, accountability, aMMazing quality, and growth. That’s exactly what drew her to the creative and fun professionals comprising the Managing Matters team.


Outside the office, Ruby’s anything but a square. She enjoys stepping into the boxing ring to stay in shape, organizing neighbourhood block parties and the occasional binges of her favourite shows Hollywood Squares and Corner Gas.


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