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Association Management is our passion and at the of what we do at MM. We have a talented team of experts who can help manage your organization. We have experienced Executive Directors to help lead the strategic plan for the organization, and management teams to keep all parts of the association running smoothly.


At our core, we deliver:

  • Executive director leadership 

  • Board support

  • Administrative management and cornerstone groundwork 

  • Membership and database development and management

  • Full financial services 

  • Strategic planning

  • Governance leadership and proficiency

Per request, we are also able to offer the below services on a package basis, for current clients, as well as new clients:

  • Membership reviews, audits and model reviews for sustainability and development

  • Association management software and other relevant technology and tool recommendations

  • Software implementation and deployment

  • Member experience enhancement strategies and implementation

  • Creation and improvements of volunteer management practices for Boards and committees

Want to know more about MM’s range of services? Contact us!

Read Our Association Management Blogs.

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