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Event Registration - Things to Think About!

Any event professional will tell you that bringing an event to life relies on the success of numerous logistical components ranging from venue, catering, décor and programming – just to name a few.

Arguably one of the most (if not THE most) crucial elements that brings an event to life is the event attendees. Consequently, the registration process that gets them there is very important, and yet it can often be overlooked when focusing on the design, coordination and logistics of the event itself.

In many cases, event registration is the primary source of revenue for an event. Event Registration makes it more likely that guests will actually show up and that the event will turn a profit (if that’s the goal). So needless to say, choosing a registration process is pretty significant.

Registration is usually the first introduction that a potential attendee has to the event experience. It’s therefore crucial that the process is smooth and efficient.

With registration playing such a large role, here are some things to keep in mind when setting up and managing the online registration for your event:

Keep it Simple

Regardless of what registration platform you use, you want to ensure that the attendee experience is as straightforward as possible.  Avoid having registrants go through too many steps and be sure to clearly label everything so they’re less likely to miss anything. Keeping your registration process simple also alleviates the number of calls you will have to field regarding registration, which is a big timesaver.

What do you need to know?

When developing the registration form for your event, you want to be sure you are collecting all the essential data that you the planner need in order to execute the event successfully. How many of your guests have dietary restrictions? Accessibility requirements? How many people plan on attending that pre-conference networking social? The Registration Form is the place to get all that crucial information, which is why you want to carefully consider what is relevant and what questions you should be asking.

What do they need to know?

Even if you are promoting the event details on other marketing collateral, registration is a great place to reinforce key information for attendees. From the main registration landing page, to the confirmation email they receive upon completion (which they can always go back to reference) you can highlight and reiterate important information such as: event location, timing and any other special instructions you want your attendee to remember.

Test, Test, Test!

Before going live and promoting your event registration you want to ensure it has been tested out thoroughly – not just by you, but other team members as well! Your thought process might not necessarily be the same as other people, so this is a good way to see if your registration setup works well across the board.

Keeping Track!

Leading up to your event it is always a good idea to frequently pull registration numbers to gauge how many registrants you have at different points in time. Keeping track of your registration numbers is important when confirming with caterers, working with venue capacities, or in cases where you are not getting as many registrations as anticipated – ramping up your marketing!

 Blog post written by Daniella Bustamante, Event Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.



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