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Food for Thought: The Importance of Member Engagement

A satisfied and active membership base is the core ingredient of any successful association. A healthy and prosperous organization is one that keeps its members engaged, participating, and interested in their activities and initiatives. Member engagement should be top of mind for any association that is looking for continued growth. Here are a few things to consider when looking to build and strengthen member engagement, and further promote member retention, loyalty and satisfaction.

Implement a Strong Social Media Strategy.

We live in the era of Tweets, Follows, Likes, and Shares. Social media channels, when used effectively, are a powerful, easy and cost-effective means of establishing meaningful connections with people. A strong social media strategy will not only promote and strengthen your association’s online brand presence, it can also help to find and build a community of like-minded individuals who share the same passions, interests, and values.

Start by connecting with members online! Create engaging content to share with your members; spark discussions about interesting and relevant topics that promote and encourage stimulating conversation; and encourage online collaboration efforts with your membership base. Allowing for two-way communication and one-on-one interactions is a great way to cultivate and strengthen member relations and to increase membership loyalty.

Be creative and have fun with it! Social media is a great way to engage a target audience, and when used intelligently and with purpose, it can be a fantastic tool in retaining members and even attracting new ones!

Create an Interactive and Stimulating Website.

Your website is your association’s main hub and remains the primary source where visitors will look to find information about the organization. Take advantage of this with consistent webpage updates of fresh and timely content that is appealing and of interest to members. The key is to be consistent with your updates! Never leave your website stagnant with outdated information.

Consider amping up your member engagement efforts via an interactive website platform. A “members only” online interactive forum or meeting space where members can share their own content, ideas, thoughts, and information with each other, is a conducive way to encourage communication, camaraderie and a strong fellowship within the association.

Provide Valuable Services.

Educational workshops, information sessions, and networking events are a great way to strengthen member engagement. Allowing members the opportunity to connect and learn from industry professionals, experts, and knowledgeable sources promotes member development on a professional and personal scale. Services like these provide value, which is one of the most important offerings an association can provide its members, and one of the main reasons why people join associations in the first place! Attractive offerings such as these are priceless and are a great way to entice, engage and enrich your membership base.

Blog post written by Maria Karagiannidis, Account Coordinator at Managing Matters Inc.



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