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Meet the Team - Tara

Tara Moran, ACCA, Accounting Manager

Why is what you do at MM important to the company? How does your job add value?

I am part of the Accounting team that ensures all client’s transactions are accurate and correctly represented in their financial records. I continuously monitor day to day activities that range from paying invoices to processing membership payments. I also provide month end reports, yearly financials, and help with the audit preparations. Completing these tasks ensures that Managing Matters delivers the best service with a holistic approach where accounting is integral to the success of the client.       

What’s your favorite part about your job, specifically at MM or as an accountant in general? 

I really enjoy being in a position where I constantly get to interact with a variety of clients from very diverse backgrounds. Being a part of a company that consciously focuses on a collaborative culture allows me to successfully deliver significant contributions to the team and the organization as a whole. Specifically, I really enjoy completing reconciliations and getting a chance to exercise my analytical problem-solving skills through investigating exceptions.    

Do you have any fun facts about yourself – anything you’d like, related to work or otherwise!

I have been living in Toronto for over eight years now but it never ceases to amaze me what the city still has to offer. I love feeling like a constant tourist so much that I recently just tried the hop-on hop-off bus tour for the first time and it gave me a brand-new appreciation of the city. Although some might say I am athletically challenged, this hasn’t stopped me from going all in with sports such as dragon boating, softball, multi-sports, and dodgeball.

Life tip to share – What do you do to stay active? How do you unwind after a long day? What hobby do you do that works your brain? How do you find time to escape the city?

When I’m not crunching numbers, I really enjoy going for long walks around the city. It gives me a chance to stay active and experience the buzz of the city at the same time. Also, I really like going to the movies with buttered popcorn in hand, going for a nice swim, or curling up to a good book to decompress from a hard day’s work.

Work tip to share  – How do you start your work day? How do you stay organized? 

An effective daily morning ritual I try to keep is reviewing my email inbox before starting any type of work. I try to maintain a zero-inbox policy and make sure all the emails have been actioned or filed in it’s appropriate location for later processing. I am a big advocate of to-do lists and integrating reminders to my calendar creating a seamless workflow that sets me up for a successful day. 

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