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Meet the Team - Amanda

Amanda Young, Senior Account Coordinator

Why is what you do at MM important to the company? How does your job add value?

As an Account Coordinator, I manage multiple clients and provide support for Board and Committee initiatives. I also assist with database and website management, produce newsletters, announcements and membership communications for clients.  My job adds value to clients because I oversee and coordinate projects to ensure on-time delivery, provide valuable information to members and offer recommendations to improve processes.

What’s your favourite part about your job, specifically at MM or as an event planner/account coordinator/accountant/designer in general?

My favourite part about my job at MM as an Account Coordinator is that there is no such thing as an average day on the job.  It’s exciting to be doing something different each day. What drew me to MM is building strong relationships with clients and my colleagues. The first thing I noticed about MM was the educated, experienced and welcoming team that came with it, every member is involved in some way. It’s really motivating to come into an office all having such different backgrounds and experiences, who all offer unique value to MM and its clients.

Fun fact about yourself – anything you’d like, related to work or otherwise!

Fun fact about myself is that I love to cook and travel! I love to see new places and experience different food, people and learn the history of different regions. It allows you to push your boundaries, and try new things. I am already planning my next adventure!

Life tip to share – examples: What do you do to stay active? How do you unwind after a long day? What hobby do you do that works your brain? How do you find time to escape the city?

I walk to work every single day to stay active. I read a lot of fiction or cook up a new recipe to unwind after a long day. In the summer I try to find time to escape the city by going to a friend’s cottage or visiting my parents in Barrie.

Work tip to share-examples: How do you start your work day? How do you stay organized?

I’m definitely not one of those people who can skip breakfast and calmly sail through the morning on just a cup of coffee. No way! Breakfast is an absolute must for me. Once I’ve settled in with my desk breakfast and a cup of coffee, I go through my emails and my to-do list. Every evening before I leave the office, I write down what I need to do the next day. I organize my to-do list based on clients with each client representing a different colour in my Outlook calendar. This allows me to prioritize important tasks, and have an accurate overview of meetings and time sensitive tasks for that week.

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