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Mujtaba Mirza, PMP, Senior Account Coordinator

“My working philosophy can be summed up as constantly simplifying processes, being efficient in every aspect giving yourself the time and space for creativity to flow through. I would rather have frequent informal communication with clients and team members than repetitive formal meetings, as it gives me the ability to create a relationship, which is in everyone’s best interest. The same approach works for decision-making, where I focus on the information available at hand and the time available at hand, and use this to determine which decisions need to be made.

As an Account Coordinator at MM, I don’t just bring this philosophy in the workplace, but plenty of past experience in non-for-profit environments. I have the unique perspective of being involved in every aspect of NFP organizations, from Board meetings and AGMs, to digital marketing, fundraising and events. All associations, in my opinion, have a similar range of issues, concerns and strategic initiatives on the go at any given time. That is when I’m able to bring to the table my expertise and knowledge of what works best in which scenario, and what strategic initiatives are likely to deliver results compared to others.

I have always had a broad range of interests, and I love activities that keep me occupied outside my day job, so to speak. They can be broadly lumped into something to do with arts, or something to stay fit. I am a big movie buff and regular TIFF attendee. Stanley Kubrick, Gaspar Noe, Andrei Tarkovsky, Alfonso Cuaron, Sergio Leone, Michael Mann and Jim Jarmusch are just some of my favorite directors. My interest and passion for movies drove me to learn filmmaking. The first project I assisted my friend on was shortlisted for the 24 hour film race and screened in New York City. I am currently working with the same friend as 2nd A.D on his new short film. Around the same time, I began learning photography and am now an avid street photographer. I have no problem taking the longest route home, just so I can get a few good shots on some street corner in the city with the obvious additional benefit of a 3 hour walk every other day. One of the best things to come out of my short time as a street photographer is that I have a better appreciation for the simple yet beautiful things that surround us all the time but we are usually too busy to notice.

I have been playing all kind of sports for as long as I can remember. You name a sport, I have probably at least given it a try. My passion and enjoyment of sports is one of the reasons I still make sure that I have sports and physical activities in my routine. As a result I have been a competitive squash player for over 5 years and I still play once or twice a week. I really enjoy the all-round workout and cardio that you get playing squash and the gladiatorial aspect of being locked in a squash court to duel it out.

The best part about working at MM is the opportunity to work at the forefront of a unique industry, but what really makes my work enjoyable on a daily basis are my coworkers. Their ideas, creativity and positive energy infuse the whole workspace and really bring out the best in what I do.”

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