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Tips for Organizing Your Office

Transforming your office into an efficient workspace all starts with getting organized! If you know where everything is, you can easily grab some supplies and get back to work.

Organization is not a one-time thing, there needs to be maintenance over time to ensure things are full stocked and continued to be put away correctly. 

As an event planner, we get swamped with so many event related details that need to stay in order, it can be hard to focus on staying organized when your workspace is not from the get go! If you set yourself up before any project, then you can easily and successfully execute to the best of your ability without having to worry about where the scissors are or where a binder is in order to finish a project.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get things organized:

PURGE! There’s nothing like boxes and boxes of unnecessary stuff just sitting in storage. Take a few minutes out of your day, pick up one box at a time and go through it. If there is no need to keep it then throw it out! Create a pile off to the side for garbage and leave anything you still want to keep in the box. The first step is throwing anything away that is not relevant anymore to your workplace.

SHOP! Ensure you are equipped with the right products to get yourself organized. Head to the store and purchase shelving units, storage containers (big and small) and a label maker to start the process. You may need to make a few trips to the store once you start putting things away, to ensure everything has a place and fits!

SETUP! Once back at your office, arrange the shelving unit where you see fit and begin to lay out how you will store everything. Ensure your storage containers fit perfectly on each level of the unit. Don’t be afraid to move the shelves around if need be (and if the unit is capable of doing so)

SORTING! After the purging is done, it is now time to sort everything and put it away in the containers you just purchased. Best way to do this is to categorize each box separately and ensure not to mix too many different categories together that way everything can be found easily and quickly at one glance.

LABELLING! With your fancy new label maker, ensure you label each container with exactly what is in it before it gets put away on the shelf. At a first glance, it needs to be clear as to what is in there and where it can be found. If your storage unit has doors on it, create a “what’s in this cupboard” sheet so everyone can see what’s inside. This is great if there are more than one unit in your storage area.

HAVE FUN! Organization can be fun! It’s all about making the space that you have your own and functional for what you need. It may take some time to get things perfect but don’t get stressed over it! Organization is a working progress, there are always different ways you can store, organize and craft your ideas all in one place.

Blog post written by Caterina Sisca, Event Manager at Managing Matters Inc.



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