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Why We Get Certified


No matter your profession, becoming certified or designated in your field can take a significant amount of time and effort. As a team we’re constantly working to expand our knowledge, and growing our roster of specialists within the Managing Matters family to further support our clients.

The MM team has earned a variety of certifications across multiple layers of association and business management, including project management, credentialing, accounting, human resources, training and development, meeting management and events. Managing Matters is also one of the only Accredited Associations Management Companies in Canada. Designations and certifications are important to us, but why? 

Certifications mean more than just letters after a name and are a representation of hours of hard work, studying and commitment. It’s a development of expertise not everyone achieves. In order to complete a designation, it’s crucial to fill any knowledge gaps that may exist because the certification assesses candidates in a number of different competency areas. This creates an extremely well-rounded knowledge base for our clients to utilize, and can lead to multiple new strategies and tactics never-before considered or implemented.

Certification is also a standardization measure. It shows that all areas of knowledge in the particular field have been studied, completed and the candidate is competent across the spectrum of their specialty. Our clients can trust our team, knowing that our practices meet and excel industry standards to better support their businesses and associations. In a constantly-changing world, our experts are also staying up-to-date on current learnings since each designation requires recertification. 

Most importantly, the dedicated MM team works towards designations to ensure our clients know they are in the hands of trained specialists who span across the services the offer. Whether you need digital events strategy, accounting support, credentialing planning, project management, HR advice, or development training – there’s a specialist for that. 

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