Dan LaBelle

Communications Specialist

Since the start of his career, Dan’s enjoyed using his sense of humour and down-to-earth style to reach audiences on a deeper level. Over the years, he’s honed his talents by working on advertising and public relations campaigns for major brands, government ministries and not-for-profit associations, at various Toronto-based firms. 


Prior to entering the industry, Dan’s interest in understanding human behaviour led him to earn an honours degree in psychology from Lakehead University, with minors in history and philosophy. Today, he combines that knowledge with the skills he sharpened while completing postgraduate studies at Humber College, in Advertising Copywriting and Public Relations, to tell his clients’ stories in relatable ways.  


Dan’s not afraid to tell you that he loves a good pun. His even greater love of bad ones, however, is something he’s working on. Outside work, he enjoys running (no, seriously!), and can often be found training for his next 10k or half-marathon throughout the city. He’s a total cat person.