Elizabeth McCaw

Head of Client Success & Business Delivery

Elizabeth McCaw is a skilled executive who has worked exclusively within the non-profit sector for over 20 years and has spent nine years in Executive Leadership positions.

She brings a seasoned set of experiences in building strategic objectives for organizations utilizing stakeholder/member feedback and analytical data-driven principles such as surveys and focus groups. Using the strategic plan as a guide, she will cultivate a business plan with short and long-term objectives ensuring the organization's mission is at the forefront of how you serve your membership.

Elizabeth helps her organizations tell their story. Elizabeth takes the panic out of a project and thrives in high-paced environments. Her favorite challenge was restructuring an organization to ensure stability and seeing the fruits of that labour as it became a benchmark for others in the industry. She’s passionate about working with the rest of the Managing Matters team to ensure the success of clients and consistently producing exceptional results.

When she’s not at in the office you will find her crafting or on a soccer pitch teaching the next generation of athletes work towards their sport dreams, creating the leaders of tomorrow.