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Talent Sourcing & HR

Talent Sourcing and HR. Manaing Matters delivers talent management services to our clients.

We do more than just recruit and hire –  we deliver talent management strategies to serve our clients who we see as our partners, to be the best team in the way our partners distinctly need us. At MM it is imperative that we ensure that we implement core talent programs to deliver continuous development, high level engagement and satisfaction, internal mobility and proper succession planning for the success of our clients and our team that delivers continued excellence.


We Deliver:

  • Job description delivery and refinement

  • Creation of the appropriate interview process for desired role 

  • Job posting and active recruitment for our clients 

  • Pre-screening of candidates to preserve time, guide the panel with their review of final candidates 

  • Assist and mentor through a strong onboarding plan 

  • Assessment and review, guidance and tools for successful retention and development

Want to know more about MM’s range of services? Contact us!

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