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Jenny Faucher, President & CEO

Clorraine Dennie

Executive Director

Clorraine is a dedicated professional with over 12 years of experience leading not-for-profit organizations as an Executive Director, showcasing a creative and innovative approach to initiatives. Her accomplishments include developing and implementing programs that demonstrate clear value, foster membership growth, and generate funding.

Clorraine has a track record of establishing strong partnerships aligned with the organization's mission and spearheading impactful initiatives. Passionate about promoting growth and inclusivity, she collaborates with diverse organizations to support a wide range of members. With expertise in planning, developing, and executing programs and events, Clorraine's collaborative efforts with boards, members, and stakeholders have successfully implemented strategic initiatives aligning with the organization's mission and goals.

In her spare time Clorraine enjoys spending time with friends and family, walks and all types of music.

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