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Jenny Faucher, President & CEO

Kemili Norman-William

Communications & Marketing Specialist

Kemili is a seasoned communications professional with over 7 years of experience in providing communication and information distribution services for non-profit and corporate organizations. With enthusiasm for innovative technology, she has led the development and implementation of communications and outreach/advocacy strategies using digital tools.  Kemili has a strength in organizing online campaigns such as peacebuilding action week, mental health, and gender-based violence campaigns, in addition to other high-level events across the industries she has served.

Beyond her non-profit work and experience, Kemili has developed PR strategies for multiple project launches, as well as integrated analytic modules for program performance monitoring. She has a bachelor’s degree in information systems and software engineering from Oxford Brookes University.

When she’s off the clock, she spends her time with family, reads pan-African literature, she loves travelling and yoga.

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